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Empowered with Technology

The ICT Department serves to create an ICT-enriched school environment where ICT is used pervasively and effectively to develop independent and lifelong learners.

To realise this vision, all pupils are provided with opportunities to use ICT through the school's 6-Year Baseline ICT Skills Acquisition Programme.  ICT is also integrated into the curriculum resulting in lessons coming alive  as teachers engage pupils in learning via a plethora of platforms. Web 2.0 applications and the use of mobile technologies enable pupils to experience learning in an interactive manner. The Learning Management System (LMS) allows pupils to collaborate online with their peers and teachers.

6-Year Baseline ICT Skills Acquisition & Cyber Wellness Programmes

This compulsory ICT programme equips all Pri 1 to Pri 6 pupils with the necessary ICT skills and is complemented by the CyberWellness (CW) programme which aims to inculcate the CyberWellness principles of 'Respect for Self and Others' and 'Safe and Responsible Use' in them.  The CW programme focusses on developing the pupils and empowering them to take responsibility for their own well-being in cyberspace. 


Baseline ICT Skills Acquisition Programme

Pri. 1
  • Basic operations including basic keyboarding skills
Pri. 2
  • Learning with text (MS Word)
Pri. 3
  • MS Powerpoint (Basic)
  • Internet search
Pri. 4
  • Emailing
Pri. 5
  • MS Excel - Graphs & simple formulas
Pri. 6
  • Revisit skills acquired earlier
  • MS Windows Movie Maker