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Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardian, 


Greetings and wishing all a happy 2017.
The year 2017 began with its usual hustle and bustle and the thunderous reverberation of children’s chatter and glee. Such deafening clamour echoing across the concourse and corridors, both exciting and nostalgic, signals the start of the academic year.

Children’s laughter is sheer delight and nothing inspires me more in my work as a principal than to see our children happy and enjoying their learning and there will be plenty of that throughout the year.

A child at EFPS today has many opportunities to nurture his interests, passion and character. This year, based on the theme of “Breakthrough in One Accord”, the school will continue to foster an environment that is safe for experimentation, exploration and learning. Our pupils will get to experience the Joy of Learning, practise entrepreneurial dare and be encouraged to grow a heart of gratitude in thanking all who had nurtured and supported them. A conducive school environment is essential to achieve our theme.

On this note, I would like to announce that the school has almost completed its upgrading which has given us additional areas for our children to play and learn. We would continue to expand the learning spaces to enrich the school environment for our pupils to explore and learn.

I look forward to the continued support from the school community and our partners. Together we can bring out the best in very child.

Mr Michel Saw