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Holistic Growth of Staff

Learning in Edgefield Primary is contagious and capacity of staff is levelled up through building collective staff capacity and engagement.

Staff is inspired and developed through intentional leadership, cultivating strong professional learning and strengthening staff well-being.

Staff Holistic Growth Framework is designed to meet Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social needs of staff. Through alignment to Teachers’ Growth Model, we bring about desired staff outcome of better staff engagement and capacity.

Teacher Leaders Council drives Singapore Teaching PracticeStudent Learning Spaces and Formative Assessment to spearhead curriculum innovation through modelling curriculum design for instructional excellence during Learning Circle.

Together as Learning Champion Championing Learning.


We firmly believe that our staff are the key to achieving our vision, mission, values and strategic goal. As such, the Staff Wellbeing Committee fervently champions the holistic development and care for all staff. The Staff Wellbeing Committee conducts exciting activities all year round. This is to ensure that the staff are well taken care of physically, socially, and emotionally. 

We have festive meals as we celebrate, such as CNY, Ramadan or Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Deepavali. We celebrated Father’s and Mother’s Day as a school too as all staff are deemed as parents to your students.

Every month, we also come together and celebrates our colleague's birthdays and they receive a token from the school. There are also sales to be brought into the school monthly for the staff to have retail therapies.

We continually strive to expand human capital by growing and enhancing our staff for people excellence, and creating a collaborative environment to build a culture of innovation and learning.