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The Arts

To nurture the love for Performing and Visual Arts in the school community

Enriched lives through the arts

Role of Arts Education in Edgefield
The arts are essential to every child’s development. This is why Edgefield Primary Schooldevelops a comprehensive Performing and Visual Arts curriculum programme to cater to the needs of the pupils and to give our pupils a well-rounded experience. In addition to learning the arts for their own sake, experiencing the arts benefits students in their intellectual, personal, and social development. Research studies point to strong relationships between learning in the arts and fundamental cognitive skills and capacities used to master other core subjects, including reading, writing, and mathematics.

Our Philosphy in Arts Education
Arts has the power to enrich pupils’ lives, shape their character and develop the humane side of them.

Through the arts education, pupils develop confidence and self-expression, collaborate with their classmates, develop a curiosity towards the arts and life, connect with society and people across cultures and develop 21st century competancies.

Educational Outcome

1. Connection

  • Make connection between themselves and arts, see the value of arts in their life and thereby live an enriched life through lifelong involvement in arts
  • Connect through arts to people across other cultures enabling them to respect and identify others developing social responsibility

2. Collaboration

  • Collaborate with one another in arts activities, developing interpersonal and collaborative skills as well as communication skills
  • Develop a sense of accountability while exercising personal responsibility in the process of collaborating with others towards a set goal

3. Confidence

Develop confidence through music-making/art-making experiences and varied arts opportunities

4. Curiosity

Show interest and participate actively in the learning of principles of art, music theory, basic dance concept and drama foundation and thereby demonstrate a lifelong interest in performing arts involvement

  • Open and responsive to improvisation and making arts, performing music, dance and drama developing intellectual curiosity and creativity