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Performing Arts

The Curriculum:

The objectives of the performing arts curriculum are as follows:

·       Develop awareness and appreciation of performing arts in local and global cultures (Connection)

·       Develop ability for creative expression and communication through performing arts (Curiosity / Confidence / Collaboration)

·       Provide the basis to develop an informed and lifelong involvement in performing arts (Curioisty / Connection)

Teaching Approaches

Music elements and concepts and skills for performing and creating music are spiral up over the six years enabling progressive development in achieving the curriculum outcomes.


In addition to music, students are enriched through speech and drama and dance modules including dancesport, cultural dance and modern dance.


Focus on Self-directed Learning and Critical Thinking

The music curriculum is delivered through an eclentric approach using a mix of key music pedagogies. The upper primary curriculum focuses on self-directed learning using emerging pedagogies and thinking strategies to develop the students into critical thinkers and self-directed learners.


Performing Art Platforms

Throughout their years in Edgefield, the students get opportunities to perform on stage to different audiences including their parents and peers. Through these platforms, the students are empowered to develop confidence and to work collaboratively.