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Our Vision

Engaged Learners, Empathetic Communicators, Enriched Lives

Our Mission

We seek to nurture and develop the school community into competent learners.

At Edgefield Primary, the English Language programmes are designed to help pupils develop cognitive and literacy skills that will help them become empathetic communicators and independent learners.  The majority of our pupils will attain a good level of competence in English, in both speech and writing.  We strive for all our pupils to use English to express themselves in everyday situations, such as giving information and making requests.  The English Language programmes are designed to develop “Every child to be an Author, a Story Teller and a Confident Speaker”.

English Language Department Framework

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Learning Support Programme

General Information

In 1992, MOE introduced the Learning Support Programme (LSP) in all primary schools.  It is an early intervention programme aimed at providing additional support to pupils who enter Primary 1 with weak English language and literacy skills.

Identification and Placement

  • Pupils are identified for the LSP through a systematic screening process.
  • The Early Literacy Indicators (ELI), a screening test developed by MOE, is administered to all pupils in P1 at the beginning of each year.
  • The ELI is a paper-and-pencil test which assesses basic language and literacy skills.
  • The ELI is administered and scored by the school’s Learning Support Coordinator (LSC).
  • Pupils scoring low levels on the ELI are placed in the LSP.

Programme Feature

  • Pupils attend a 30-minute LSP lesson daily.
  • Pupils are taught in groups of 8-10.  The small group size gives each pupil more opportunities for practice and participation.
  • Pupils receive regular one-to-one coaching by dedicated parent volunteers and teachers to build their reading skills.
Discharge from the programme

Pupils are discharged from LSP when they meet both of the following criteria:

  • A pass in the school’s English Semestral Assessment
  • Attainment of age-appropriate reading age