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Reading and Viewing

Books-to- Go Programme

The Books-to- Go (BTG) is an initiative of the National Library Board to bring the library to the school.
BTG complements the school’s reading programme and also embraces the whole-school approach
of building a reading culture. By encouraging students to read, the school is moving towards realising
its motto for reading - “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader”.

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Reading Culture 2018

The Reading Culture Launch was held on Wednesday, 17 January 2018. This year’s theme “Score
Goals for Reading” was chosen to coincide with this year’s World Cup. The programmes highlighted
at the launch are meant to complement the school’s EL curriculum, with the main thrust of building
a reading culture. The complementary activities are:

  • Reading a book by guest readers (by both teachers and students)
  • Storytelling during the ELRD lessons (to complement the Little Red Dot)
  • Book Exchange (to exemplify reading as giving)
  • “Once upon a book…” (to encourage pupils to write to promote a book that they have read)

Through these activities, we strive to develop “Every child to be an Author, a Storyteller and a
Confident Speaker”.

Photos by: Aldric from 4 Hope and Arnav from 5 Wisdom

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English Week 2017

English (EL) Week 2017 was launched on 5th July. Pupils and teachers came dressed as their favourite characters and to top it off, they came ready with the respective storybooks! One pupil from each class was awarded the Best Dressed award.

It was a great honour to have Ms Eliza Teoh, author of the best-selling series, Ellie Belly, to grace the opening of the EL week. She was definitely an inspiration to the pupils as she shared that anyone and everyone is capable of being a writer just like her! This has always been the belief of Edgefield that "Every child can be an Author".

English Week 2017 - 1.JPG
Over the next three days, pupils had the opportunity to try out board games and even indulged in a book or two from the book fair during recess. They were challenged to try the "Speak Good English Quiz" and tokens were given to those who took up the challenge and did well! Pupils were also encouraged to borrow fiction books from the mobile library.

We would like to thank all parents and also everyone who played a part in making EL Week 2017 a success!

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English Week 2017 - 3.JPG

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Launch of the Reading Programme 2017

Theme: Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

The launch, which was held on 18 January 2017, is a whole-school approach to building a vibrant reading culture. The school believes that reading is foundational and opens up new vistas of knowledge. It connects the student with ideas that enriches his/her experience and broadens their horizon, and builds their self-confidence.   The school-wide reading programme embraces the overarching idea of: Learning to Read and Reading to Learn. Silent reading and library research helps to nurture self-directed learners with a lively curiosity for how things work. Through supported reading and sharing a book, students develop multiple perspectives on a variety of texts.   Our Reading @ the Quad build confidence and helps students to overcome the anxiety of reading and oral presentation to a large audience. While our Reading Marathon will challenge students to read extensively in the different genres and disciplines.   Let’s help to grow our students and leaders of tomorrow one book at a time!

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English Week 2016

The EL week was launched on 20 July 2016 and it went on for 3 days. The theme for this year is Asian Folktales.  The objective of this event is to create a learning environment for pupils to actively and effectively use the English Language; arouse pupils’ curiosity in the English Language and to connect the language with their daily lives.  Through this programme, we also want to encourage our pupils to use the English Language to communicate confidently and fluently with one another.  Pupils were also given opportunities to collaborate with classmates and participate in group activities.Different levels were involved in different activities like colouring of Chinese folktales, reciting of Mongolian poetry, putting up a Reader’s Theatre of the Indian / Pakistani folktale, creating a recipe for the best Indonesian sweet porridge, creating a comic bubble of a Thai folktale and writing a Haiku based on a Japanese folktale.Pupils had a blast during recess as they were exposed to English board games, Speak Good English Quiz and they had the opportunities to use the iPad for E-stories too!  It was a fun and meaningful week for the pupils.

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Reading Marathon 2016

To build a reading culture in Edgefield Primary, the English Language Department has introduced The Reading Marathon programme. After pupils have read a required number of books, they will be awarded either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

Short stories are also uploaded onto the Learning Management System (LMS) for pupils to read during their leisure time. The programme aims to challenge our pupils to read and reflect using the LMS too.

At the end of Term 1, we are pleased that 13 pupils were awarded medals for having read more than 10 books. Continue to make reading come alive in Edgefield!

The awardees are as follows:

2 Charity
Nandini Mandal (12 books)
2 Charity - Nandini Mandal.JPG
2 Patience
Olivia Loh Huining (19 books)
2 Patience - Olivia Loh Huining.JPG

4 Wisdom
Chiong Jun Yan (18 books)
4 Wisdom - Chiong Jun Yan.JPG

Nur Zabirah Binte Shariffudin (10 books)
4 Wisdom - Nur Zabirah Binte Shariffudin.JPG

Kannan Sai Easwar (10 books)
4 Wisdom - Kannan Sai Easwar.JPG
4 Grace
Tam Shi Ying (16 books)
4 Grace -  Tam Shi Ying.JPG
4 Joy
Amelia Safiyyah Bte Abdul Aziz (16 books)
4 Joy - Amelia Safiyyah Bte Abdul Aziz.JPG

5 Love
Yeo Siang Yuu (14 books)
5 Love - Yeo Siang Yuu.JPG
6 Grace
Akavaram Kaushik Reddy (10 books)
6 Grace - Akavaram Kaushik Reddy.JPG

Mohd Ahnaf Bin Hafeez Bagarib
(10 books)
6 Grace - Mohd Ahnaf Bin Hafeez Bagarib.JPG

Chua Wen Liang (10 books)
6 Grace - Chua Wen Liang.JPG
6 Patience
Nicole Lim Jia Hui (12 books)
6 Patience - Nicole Lim Jia Hui.JPG

Swarnadeep Mandal (10 books)
6 Patience - Swarnadeep Mandal.JPG

Launch of Reading Culture

The English Language Department presented the year-long plan to cultivate Edgefielders’ love for reading and storytelling at assembly. Madam Rafeyah shared on the activities that will be carried out to inculcate the pleasure of reading, the joy of telling stories and the wonderment that books offer. Miss Charmaine Tan, an associate librarian from National Library Board (NLB), shared several books with the school that might be of interest to the pupils. She went through videos of these selected books, namely The Pirate Cruncher and the Elly Belly series. For continuity, the Reading Team will be sharing online stories via LMS for pupils to enjoy. Let us go forth to spread the love of reading in Edgefield and together, we shall Breakthrough in One Accord!

Please click on the link below to view the video:

School Programmes

Little Red Dot Reading Programme

LRD is The Straits Times' educational supplement for primary school pupils. Its resident teacher-journalist and contributors customise lessons and activities each week based on the news from The Straits Times for teachers to use in the classroom. LRD is focused on English language learning, news and current events, with elements of social emotional learning,values education and National Education – all key learning areas in the classroom experience of 8- to 12-year-olds.

Guest Reading Programme

Books come alive as teachers read aloud to the pupils during the Guest Reading sessions. The sessions are conducted during class library or class reading period. The programme was initiated with the belief that teachers as good role models can empower, enthuse, and engage pupils to inculcate a sustainable reading habit as a lifeskill.

Reading @ the Quad
This initiative is conducted daily and engages teacher volunteers to read aloud to the school for 10 minutes before the flag-raising ceremony. Reading aloud to pupils acts as a tuning in activity and conditions them to be attentive listeners and reflective learners as they think about the message and subtext of the narrative.

Storytelling (Tall Tales @ the Edge)

Stories have provided a way to maintain a sense of rootedness to our cultural heritage. They are powerful vehicles for communication, recreation, entertainment, education, and to pass on shared values. Storytelling sessions are conducted once a week on an assigned day during the three recesses. This programme allows pupils to listen to peers and teachers as storytellers eloquently articulating narrative texts that contain ingredients of human experience as they grapple with ethical issues and values.

Whole School Reading Programme

Since 2013, the school has worked collaboratively with the National Library Board (NLB) to spearhead a Whole School Reading programme. This initiative focuses on the following activities:

1. Mass borrowing
This allows students to browse a wide variety of materials from the NLB that best fit their reading interest profile and borrow items on the spot. 

2. Bookcross@schools
This initiative encourages the school community to start a book exchange programme by having pupils
and teachers donate their books. These books will be placed at convenient locations for pupils to
browse and read. 

Reading @ the Quad.png

                               Reading @ the Quad