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Math Day 2017

For the second year running, Math Day provides an interactive opportunity for the pupils to appreciate how mathematics is applied in real life. Primary 3 pupils had an enriching experience with hands-on activities at the four learning stations. Primary 4 pupils embarked on a learning trail at different locations around the school. Both P3 and P4 levels also had the chance of using iPads to allow them to experience the use of ICT as part of their learning experience.

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Math Day 2017 - 2.JPG

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Math Day 2017 - 4.JPG

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Use of Heuristics

One of the department’s focus is to equip our pupils with the skill of  using heuristics as one of the ways to solve problems. The objective is to enable pupils  to have a repertoire of skills where they can draw from when required to solve non- routine questions.

At every level, pupils are assigned heuristics skills to learn and master. Customized  worksheets have been created to assist pupils in doing this.

P1: Looking For Patterns
P2: Systematic Listing & Looking For Patterns
P3: Guess and Check & Systematic Listing
P4: Make A Table, Guess and Check & Logical Reasoning
P5: Logical Reasoning, Working Backwards & Looking For Patterns
P6: Revision of all Heuristics

Model-drawing is taught across all levels.jpg
**Model-drawing is taught across all levels