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Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN)

The Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) programme is a collaboration between schools and MOE to support Mathematics learners in tackling 4 key issues of learning, namely, learning gaps, language, motivation and memory. ICAN lessons typically follow the FREMC structure – Factual Fluency, Readiness, Engagement, Mastery and Consolidation. Teachers build growth mindsets in the pupils through a series of strategies, encouraging progression instead of perfection.



Math Interactive Learning Space

The Math Interactive Learning Space was newly launched this year to make mathematical concepts comes alive outside the classroom. The initiative leverage on the natural affinity that Math has with technology to make the learning of mathematical concepts more fun for our pupils by instilling the love of numbers through games and videos that are made accessible to them during some of their recesses. The interactive games on IPADs allow pupils to be fully engaged in building mathematical concepts like multiplication table and four order of operations. Some of the games not only challenged the pupils’ own abilities but allow them to pit their mathematical knowledge against one another. Hence, pupils are more motivated to work on their mental calculations in order to emerge victorious.


Mental Sums Challenge

Mental Sums is aimed at developing good memory habits, being proficient with numbers and to be able to do maths with greater accuracy, speed and ease.

In Edgefield, the Mental Sums Challenge is conducted in Semester 2. The preliminary rounds are carried out in the student’s respective classrooms and the top from each class will be chosen to represent their class in the final round.

The final round is conducted in the hall where the Class Champions compete against one another. Solving problems in front of an audience poses another challenge altogether but our students rise above all to emerge as Mental Math Champions!

Thank Goodness it’s Math (TGIM)

TGIM is a programme to promote and nurture our students towards positive learning. Through the activities, we hope to motivate them to attain factual fluency on Mathematics facts like multiplication table. Students acquire the need-to-know knowledge through playing card games.

Excellence 2000 Mathematical (E2K)

At Edgefield, the Excellence 2000 Mathematical (E2K) Programme, developed by Israel Centre for Excellence through Education (ICEE), caters to pupils with talents in Mathematics. Initiated in 2019, the programme is conceptualised as an enrichment programme.  The purposes of the programme is to increase pupils’ interest, involvement and literacy in Mathematics.  It also seeks to emphazise logical Mathematical thinking.  The E2K programme is inquiry-based and problem-centered.  The activities are always hands-on and developing problem solving strategies.  In E2K lessons, pupils are encouraged to focus on the process of problem solving rather than the results.