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Primary 4 Science programmes


P4 pupils are introduced to the modern farming method of Hydroponics. They were given hands-on experience in the hydroponics technique known as the Dynamic Root Floating or DRF technique.

Through this programme, pupils will learn
  1. The 3 processes in plant growth- germination, transplanting and harvesting.
  2. How hydroponics can benefit a small nation like Singapore who faces a constraint with land.
  3. The advantages and disadvantages of modern farming method of Hydroponics versus the tradition Organic method of growing plants.
At the end of the hydroponics program, the pupils get to enjoy their fruits of labour when they harvest their vegetables.

Grow, Seed , Grow

Pupils explore the life cycle of plants in this hands-on activity. They get to observe the process of germination of green bean seeds. Applying what they have learnt in their lessons, they test the
conditions required f or the seeds to germinate and present their findings.

Life Cylces of Mealworm and Butterfly

Other than learning about the human life cycle, pupils get the opportunity to see how other animals develop throughout their life. The pupils are given some mealworms to feed and observe. Young pupils are thrilled at seeing the animals grow well under their care. They also have fun releasing the adult butterflies to the eco-garden, knowing that the adults are off to carry on breeding the next generation.