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Edgefield Primary is proud to partner FamilyMatters@School -- an initiative by The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to give a greater push to family life education and promotion efforts within the family and in school. In the midst of globalisation and advancement in technologies, escalating stress and shifting moral values are straining family ties and undermining the family as an institution. As shared by the Acting Minister for MSF, Mr Chan Chun Sing: 'As our society evolves and the pace of our lives quickens, we must do even more to strengthen the family. We should equip ourselves with family life knowledge and skills, and also bring about greater pro-family consciousness and mindsets across all segments of our society.'

FamilyMatters@School seeks to nurture a pro-family mindset, and help families in Singapore remain strong and resilient, through family life education efforts tailored for today's parents and students. Since its launch in 2008, Edgefield Primary has been actively organising series of workshops and activities for which parents and students have benefited tremendously. Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in our on-going series of workshops, parent-child bonding activities, Day with Dad, etc. These complimentary programmes aim to empowerand equip modern parents with practical skills and knowledge to strengthen their family life; foster better parent-child understanding; and ultimately promoting positive attitudes in children to enhance their overall success in learning.