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Cyber Wellness for Parents

SENSE-Think-Act @ Home

To complement the CW curriculum in schools, parents can set a good example at home in the use of technology and play an active role in guiding our children to navigate cyberspace. To ensure that your child is safe and have positive experiences on line, parents can:



Here are some useful resources for you as parents to reinforce cyber wellness education at home.

MOE Cyber Wellness Portal

Useful tips, strategies and resources on various cyber issues.

Clique Click www.ictconnection.moe.edu.sg/cyber-wellness

Media Literacy Library

Information, tips and resources by Media Literacy Council on managing online expression.

Media Literacy Library.png


Clique Click

Handbook produced by MLC to help parents guide their children on their internet journey.

Clique Click.png


Parents Tipsheet

Parents Tipsheet.pdf