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Stepping Stones

    Stepping Stone Project [Fun Kitchen Programme (FKP)] aims to develop life skills to encourage independence in our students. It provide opportunities for students to practice critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, self-awareness and food preparation skills. It also allows students to develop interpersonal relationship skills. The outcomes of FKP are

    • allowing students to construct their understandings from their daily experiences with others; 
    • developing students through the acquisition of life skills;
    • growing students with independence, character, and heart; and;
    • empowering students with skills learnt during these sessions and apply in their daily lives 

    The innovative aspects of the project focus mainly on engaging psychomotor skills, teambuilding and understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle. As these pupils participate in hands on activities such as craft work, simple cooking and gross motor games, they also access learning domains (CAMP) : cognitive (English, Math and Science), Aesthetics (Visual  & Performing Arts), Moral & Social (Leadership & Responsibility) and Physical (Team games & Health Education). This program offers pupils a concrete experience of the topics that they learn in school. Each session will end off with a reflection guided by the facilitators to help them internalize the skills learnt.

    Pupils are selected based on the students’ profile; diagnosed with special needs, counselled students and at-risk students. The program aims to act as a platform for the students to develop their fine motor skills, thinking and collaborative skills. At the same time, they are able to acquire basic food preparation skills as a long-term life skill.