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Dancesport is a form of ballroom dancing that combines social skills with exercise. Its characteristics consist of physical strength, agility, co-ordination, stamina, high level of fitness, discipline, teamwork, grace, style and musical interpretation.

Dancesport is a team sport by its very nature and features total gender parity. Backed with the latest Sports Science research and development, Dancesport promotes active & healthy lifestyle. The features of Dancesport allow us to instill our school values in our pupils. Through the process, they learn to work with their partners to promote team spirit. Our pupils also learn to be more respectful of the opposite gender. The boys will also learn to pick up the courage to lead their girl partners in the dance. The students also learn about discipline through practising the dancesteps. Our students will be able to hone the right character and attitude through Dancesport.

In delivering a holistic education with Values Inculcation and 21st CC, we want all our pupils to appreciate and enjoy participating in Dancesport. Some of the educational values that are derived from participating in Dancesport include:

  • Inculcate school values of Respect, team Spirit, Loyalty, Discipline and Courage.
  • Instill social graciousness as ladies and gentlemen
  • Develop Empowered learners and leaders, aligned with our school’s vision of Lives Empowered, Lives Touched
  • Cultivate healthy lifestyle
  • Develop self-confidence, determination, motivation and perseverance
  • Leadership capacity in life as the take the lead in dancing

They will develop positive thinking towards public performances and competitions and have high self-esteem and are more confident of themselves The process of learning one dance type (eg Cha Cha) which can be highly technical, allows our pupils to be focused, disciplined, appreciative and respectful of each other’s presence.

School Wide Approach

In delivering the Values Inculcation through DanceSport at school level, we have programmes that provide learning opportunities for all students through mass customisation at three different levels.

At the first level (Base), all our pupils go through a modular Dancesport sessions during their Performing Arts lessons.

At the 2nd level (Core), those who are more inclined to develop their skills can take Dancesport as a CCA. These pupils will also go through course accreditation that leads to Danceport awards presented by recognised international bodies. Both the Base and Core Programmes nurture the spirit of enterprise in school as it seeks to broaden pupils’ schooling experiences and build them into more courageous, responsible and respectful youths.

At the 3rd level (Apex), our graduating pupils are given the opportunity to continue to excel in the sport and have the passion to develop their talent beyond their primary school years and actively contribute and sharing their knowledge and skills to their juniors and community.


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