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Ceramics Club

About Ceramics Club

Ceramics Club provides different avenues for the holistic development of the students. Students are engaged through different creative pieces to achieve the over-arching objectives of lifelong learning and character building.

The CCA sessions are on Fridays, 2.00 – 4.00pm. Activities are conducted in an air-conditioned Art room in school at level 4.


CCA members will master the 4 different techniques during the year:

1.   Coiling

2.   Pinching

3.   Slabbing

4.   Hollowing

Members will get to know the different types of clay and have fun exploring their creativity in clay modelling. They will practise on simple clay structure moulding to express their creativity, exposed to basic theory of glazing and applications. Other than getting a chance to create multi-functional ceramic pieces, members will get a chance to choose from the myriad of glazes to glaze their works and to take them home after firing.

Developing our students

During CCA sessions, members acquire valuable hands on experience of clay modelling. As there are several different methods for shaping clay to make ceramic items, members will be taught which techniques to apply when creating the different ceramic items like dishes, vases, tiles, and figurines.

Growing hearts and minds

Activities conducted during the CCA sessions are geared towards character building and inculcating the values of team spirit, integrity and perseverance.

Team building activities form an integral part of the CCA as members find meaning through interactions with the other members and their interdependence on each other to achieve a set task.

During debriefing time conducted at the end of each activity or CCA session, members are given the opportunity to discuss about issues that arise during the activities. Problem-solving, perseverance and gratitude are examples of the debrief focus.

Empowering leaders and talents

Ceramics Club leaders are empowered to hand hold the juniors in some activities. They are also required to host and showcase their art works during the annual CCA open house. This provides the opportunity to hone their leadership skills.

CCA Teachers

Mrs Andrea Low and MS Koh Seok Hui

Mdm Idayu Dewi Juwari

Mdm Lee Xin Yi