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Photography Club


About Photography Club

Photography Club aims to nurture students to develop keen observation skills of their space and environment, using photography as a medium to tell their story and communicate their ideas. The CCA sessions are based on each child’s talent level, with Intermediate Photography class on Tuesdays, 2.00 – 3.30pm and Basic Photography class on Fridays, 2.00 – 3.30pm. Students are given opportunities to take photos in studio settings, outdoors within the school vicinity and during planned learning journeys in different parts of Singapore.


CCA members go through modules during the year:

1.   Camera Care and Handling

2.   Composition Techniques

3.   Camera Settings and Functions

4.   Understanding Light and Shadows in Photography

5.   Introduction to Editing Softwares

6.   Photojournalism

7.   Event Photography

8.   Thematic Photography

9.   Studio Photography

Members further hone their interest for photography by going on a learning journey at least once per semester. They would build their personal portfolio through these experiences.

Developing our students

During CCA sessions, members acquire a basic understanding of a digital camera features and handling. They get to familiarise with the different camera modes and how each setting is chosen to create an intended effect. Members are given opportunities to learn and develop the ‘eye’ in shooting quality pictures.

They then apply technical skills to shoot photographs representing several themes. Members also learn basic photo editing skills using Adobe Lightroom software or available free online software, with integration of design elements in photos.

Growing hearts and minds

Activities conducted during the CCA sessions are geared towards character building and inculcating the values of team spirit, integrity and empathy.

CCA members develop respect and empathy while exercising integrity and discipline during photoshoots, where they learn to find meaning through storytelling.

Members are given the opportunity to discuss about issues that arise during activities and learn to problem-solve with one another.

Empowering leaders and talents

Photography Club leaders are empowered to lead logistics processes and maintenance of equipment during CCA, developing a sense of discipline. They are also given opportunity to guide members from the junior class during shoots to hone their leadership skills.

Selected members are selected to take part in various national photography competitions to gain exposure, build confidence and exercise integrity.

All club members will be given opportunity to cover school events to develop team spirit, confidence and discipline.

Recent Achievements


  • 8th National Young Shutterbugs 2019
    • 1st - Respect - Admiring Minds
       Sarah Mustika & J Harini (Graduated)
    • 2nd - Compassion - Touching Hearts
       Sarah Mustika & J Harini (Graduated)
    • 3rd - Gratitude - Honouring hands
       Firhan 6L & Karthikeya 6
    • Overall Winner - Best Young Shutterbugs Awarded to the school.


  • National Primary School Photography Competition
    • Top 3 Budding Photographer Award

  • Photofest
    • Individual Special Mention
    • Group Special Mention

  • National Young Shutterbugs Competition
    • 1st - Count your blessings Category
    • 1st - You’re not alone Category
    • 2nd - Embrace diversity Category
    • 3rd - Embrace diversity Category

CCA Teachers

Mrs Jeannie Lim (Teacher-in-charge)

Mdm Ili Sakinah Sarwan

Mdm Zhang Fu Lei

Miss Angela Koh Min Min