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About Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts programme is to provide a group environment which is intellectually stimulating, physically vital and directed towards satisfying the child’s basic need to face and overcome challenges. Activities are driven towards “Fun & Discovery” amongst Cubs. The CCA sessions are on Fridays, 2.00 – 4.00 pm. Activities are conducted in school and Cubs are given opportunities to go on learning journeys.  As much as possible, Scout Teachers (known as Akelas) adhere to the Scouting Method to have Cubs experience Scouting as recommended by Scouts Association.

Online CCA sessions will be conducted by levels through SLS or live lessons (details will be informed when the need arises) and it will be 2pm - 3.30pm on Fridays.  


Cub Scouts have three progress levels to achieve from Primary 3 to Primary 6:

1.       Bronze Arrow Badge

2.       Silver Arrow Badge

3.       Gold Arrow Badge


The highest award is the Akela Award which will require Cubs to complete their Gold Arrow and pass specific proficiency badges, show general knowledge of scouting and attend an interview with the District Commissioner.


One of the yearly core activities is Job Week. There are 43 proficiency badges, of which our school will definitely help our Cubs to achieve are First Aider, Road Safety, Swimmer and Camper. National Campaign badges like Young Aviator Level 1 & 2 and Young Mariner Level 1 & 2.

Developing our students

CCA sessions take the form of Opening Ceremony, activities for progress badges (45mins to an hour), followed by games and songs. Sessions typically concludes with a Closing Ceremony.


Our Sixers and Assistant Sixers take turns to conduct the opening ceremony while other Cubs take turns to lead games and songs. Cubs develop a sense of pride and have opportunities to engage their peers.

Growing hearts and minds

A feature of activities conducted is to ignite enthusiasm and teamwork within the Pack. Cubs develop resilience through continuous practice and repeated attempts to ensure the completion of given tasks.


During Sixer-in-council with the teachers, Sixers and Assistant Sixers are given time to discuss about issues that arise during the activities, and areas for improvement. Problem-solving, resilience, teamwork and initiative are examples of the discussion focus.

Empowering leaders and talents

Cubs who display leadership and responsibility are selected to attend Area and National Camps. After which, they will be appointed as Sixers and Assistant Sixers to lead a pack of 6.

Other Cubs who display courage and leadership qualities have been identified as assembly commanders and flag raisers for Fridays’ morning assembly, working alongside the Prefects.

CCA Teachers

Akela Lim Xiao Wei (Teacher-in-charge)

Akela Tay Ru Jun

Akela Judith Goh

Akela David Ng (Advisor)

Akela Hairil (Advisor)