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Malay Dance


Malay Dance


Malay Dance  is aimed at students who love varieties of Malay dance steps and techniques.  Students would develop their skills and talent in Malay dance.  The CCA sessions are on Fridays, 2.00 – 4.00pm. 

 Malay Dance  was awarded the Certificate of Distinction for SYF competition in 2018 


All members to get the opportunity to try different genre of dance. Students would be train to put up performances at least once a year. 

Malay Dancers were involved with National Day Parade Observance Ceremony in 2017, Punggol Street Parade in 2018 and took part in SYF competition in 2018. 

Developing our students

During CCA sessions, members learn to  grasp the techniques of Zapin dance this semester.  They also develop the value of teamwork and discipline during their dance practice sessions.

Growing hearts and minds

Values of teamwork, perseverance and discipline are inculcate during the activities. 

During break and debriefing time conducted at the end of each activity or CCA session, members are given the opportunity to voice out their opinions on their feelings, problems and values learnt for that session.  

Members have reflection activities that focuses on lesson learnt, values, resilience and  gratitude. 

Empowering leaders and talents

Malay Dance leaders are empowered to leaders to lead the team in certain activities

CCA Teachers

Mdm Julieana Razek (Teacher-in-charge)

Mdm Nur Yanty Jumali