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Speech & Drama

About Speech and Drama Club

Speech and Drama Club offers a fun and interactive platform for its members to express, create and innovate. It is for students who love expressing themselves on stage and performing to an audience! The CCA sessions are on Tuesdays, 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm. Activities are conducted in the air-conditioned library. 


CCA members go through 5 modules during the year:

1.       Vocal production

2.       Drama techniques and devices

3.       Forms of theatre

4.       Scriptwriting

5.       Drama certification with Trinity College London (Optional) 

Members get the opportunity to go on a learning journey at least once per year where they watch a professional drama production. This will hone their love for drama performance and develop their skills in drama techniques.

Developing our students

Through exposure to different creative mediums like mimes, voice modulations, recitations as well as drama games, (our members’ favourite is Splat!), students develop their confidence, stretch their imagination and grow as dynamic communicators. 

Growing hearts and minds

Activities conducted during the CCA sessions are targeted at building the students’ character through the inculcation of the school values, Team Spirit, Integrity, Empathy and Self-discipline (TIES). 

Students learn to respect differences while working with one another and grow in their self-awareness.. In the process, they learn to become better performers and become more resilient in overcoming obstacles. 

Empowering leaders and talents

Each year, the Speech and Drama Club will showcase their talent and learning to the school by putting up a new drama production. All members get to be involved in every step of the production – from script writing to improvising to costume tailoring. As for the CCA leaders, they will lead and coach their juniors in various activities serving as role models and friendly mentors. 



2 Distinctions and 2 Merit Awards from Primary 5 members for Trinity College London – Drama and Speech(Grade 3).


3 Distinctions from Primary 4 members who participated in Trinity College London – Drama and Speech(Grade 2) and another 3 Distinctions from Primary 5 members for Trinity College London – Drama and Speech(Grade 3).

CCA Teachers

Mdm Noor Ellynda  (Teacher-in-charge)

Mrs Selene Yu