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About Basketball

Basketball CCA teaches students the skills & knowledge of the game, improve their focus to develop teamwork & resilience as a player.  Training schedules are on Tuesdays and Fridays, 2-4pm at the ISH level 1 & level 4.


Students will train for the school team selection to play in the nationals for the Junior 3v3 & Senior 5v5 divisions. Friendly matches are also organised with various other schools. 

Developing our students

Students practice their leadership, teamwork & communication skills on court. Learning technical skills, the knowledge of the game and experience coaching of the 3v3 and 5v5 formations.

Growing hearts and minds

CCA activities are geared towards inculcating the values of team spirit, respect and discipline. Students learn to play basketball with strategy, fairplay, good sportsmanships with respect to teammates, opponents, coaches, referees and others in the match.

Empowering leaders and talents

Students are empowered to be leaders within the team in various activities. This provides the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and organisational skills on court and in the real world.

CCA Teachers

Mr James Ling (Teacher-in-charge)
Mr Chew Wei
Mr Melvn Ow