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Student Discipline & Student Leadership

Student Leadership Framework


Our Vision - Empowered Leaders

Our Motto - Every Edgefielder a Leader

Edgefield Primary’s Student Leadership Programme (SLP) includes a broad range of experiences for students at all levels. Our EDGE approach to the SLP builds the understandings and skills of leadership through the curriculum and many varied activities of school life. In this way, students develop their individual capacity to lead, influence and serve others in a responsible manner. In line with our school vision, all leaders will be empowered to make a difference and touch the lives of whom they lead and serve. Students are also be encouraged to apply leadership skills to initiatives which strengthen the school community.

Exciting and engaging opportunities are provided for all students to acquire leadership skills. Opportunities provided are also within a real world context and encourage participation by students of varied abilities. 

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Edgefielders are equipped with leadership skills based on The Student Leadership Challenge (MICEE) and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Students also undergo differentiated trainings using to be equipped with the necessary skills to fulfill their respective roles as leaders of the school. 

  • The Student Leadership Camp
The Student Leadership Camp aims to provide every student leader with good grasp and foundations of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to guide their leadership journey in Edgefield. Through this programme, students are given opportunities to acquire leadership skills anchoring on our school values of Team-spirit, Integrity, Empathy and Self-discipline. Students will also apply the five practices through various activities and challenges

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  • On-the-Job Trainings (OJT)

The Student Leadership Team provides training based on the Student Leadership Challenge which focuses on the five exemplary practices of leadership (MICEE). We believe that OJT with close mentoring is an integral part of  leadership training at Edgefield Primary School. Departmental specific training for the different departmental leadership appointments are provided by the respective departments. 


We believe in holistic growth through developing a growth mindset to thrive as resilient leaders.
Leadership opportunities will enable leaders to embrace challenges as opportunities by instilling resilience. Leaders will be able to face setbacks with a positive attitude and explore possibilities to move forth. 

  • HDB Heartland Ambassador Programme (Primary)

Our student leaders are provided with opportunities to reach out to the community through the participation of the HDB Heartland Ambassador Programme. In this programme, student leaders are nurtured to be champions of gracious and responsible heartland living. They are given hands-on training to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge required to conduct the outreach. Following the training, student leaders embarked on outreach activities at the following platforms to share tips on gracious and responsible living with the residents, which includes HDB block visits, Community events and any community projects and/or initiatives proposed by the school. Through this programme, student leaders sharpened their interpersonal and communication skills through their interaction with residents and members of the public.

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  • Students’ Suggestion Scheme (SSS)

We believe that the voice of every Edgefielder matters. SSS is a scheme where Student leaders take the initiative to challenge the current processes in the school. Student leaders also take the lead to encourage Edgefielders and facilitate the provision of practical suggestions to improve the learning environment in Edgefield.

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Student leaders are provided with various opportunities to take initiative and lead using the leadership skills they have acquired.

  • Leadership Empowerment Day (LED)

Our Leadership Empowerment Day marks the official appointment of our Level 2 and Level 3 Student Leaders. Newly appointed leaders receive their leadership badges and letters of appointment. They will be undertaking different leadership roles in their respective classes. All appointed leaders will endeavour to excel and empower their peers in their learning

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  • Prefects EXCO Elections

Upon serving in the Prefectorial Board, prefects are provided with opportunities to take up EXCO positions to lead and represent Edgefielders based on their leadership potential. The Head and Vice-Head prefect candidates rally fellow edgefielders to vote to select their Head prefect.

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Prefects’ Investiture

The annual Prefects’ Investiture marks the official appointment of newly appointed Primary 4 prefects. The investiture serves as a platform to remind all our prefects that a leader is one with good character, one who endeavours to lead and serve so as to make a difference and touch lives. 

Every Investiture will end with a pledge by our prefects to stay committed in serving the school community with diligence and integrity.
They would be disciplined, proactive and responsible in their actions so that they could do their part to fulfil the school’s vision on touching lives.

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The Internationalisation programme provides opportunities for Student Leaders to foster unique friendships with students from diverse backgrounds. During this cultural exchange, our student leaders take on the role as ambassadors and share their day to day experiences in Edgefield Primary School. 

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  • Student Production Team (SPT)

With our school's vision of 'Lives Empowered, Lives Touched', the Student Production Team (SPT) believes in empowering the student voice through media. We believe in developing strong, capable students who have the confidence to believe in themselves.

The SPT is a digital platform which is a part of the Student Leadership Programme in Edgefield Primary School. Here, students are empowered to share their voice with the wider school community and make an impact to the lives of others using media. 

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The SPT website is available here http://efpsproductions.weebly.com/

Student Leaders’ Celebration

A celebratory graduation ceremony is organised for all graduating student leaders at the end of term 4. The student leaders will be presented with a token as a form of recognition to celebrate their achievements and contributions throughout their leadership journey in Edgefield Primary School.