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Information For Parents

Pupils are to conduct themselves in the following manner:

  1. Attendance

    • Be in the school hall for morning assembly by 7.25am. All pupils arriving after 7.30am will be deemed to be late.
    • Produce either a medical certificate or a letter from parents or guardians to their respective Form Teachers if absent from school, unable to participate in PE lessons, CCA, Remedial and Supplementary lessons. For school examinations, an official medical certificate must be produced.
    • Parents are kindly requested to inform the school if their children are unable to come to school. Parents can telephone the General Office to inform the school of their child’s absence.

  2. Flag Raising Ceremony

    • Attend the daily flag-raising ceremony 
    • Stand at attention during the ceremony. Pupils who are Singaporeans are to sing the National Anthem and recite the pledge.

  3. Taking Care of personal belongings

    • Take personal responsibility for the security of your valuable belongings. 
    • Do not leave them lying unattended.
    • Do not bring to school any equipment not required for your lessons or CCAs.
    • Apart from electronic dictionaries or calculators, other electronic or communicative devices (such as MP3 players and game consoles) will be confiscated upon detection if you bring them to school and school events without authorization or a valid reason.

  4. Handphone Guidelines

    • Bring a handphone ONLY if you are prepared to observe the restrictions concerning its use in school premises and at school events.
    • It is a must to rent a special school locker for storing switched-off handphones, from before the flag-raising ceremony to the last period of the day, or after-school activities (extra lessons, remedial class, tests, CCAs, etc) whichever is later . 
    • The lockers are owned and managed by an external vendor and ONLY open to Pri 4, 5 and 6 pupils .  
    • An annual rental fee of $25 (to be reviewed annually) will be charged for each locker. The purchase of a prefixed number combination lock from the vendor is also required, at a one-off payment of $10. The purchased lock will belong to the pupils.
    • Pupils are NOT allowed to store their handphones in the lockers located outside their classrooms.
    • The use of handphones is restricted to the ground floor of the school premises, outside any physical facilities.
    • Use of handphones in any level of rooms and areas where curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are being held is STRICTLY prohibited.
    • Approach the General Office to rent a handphone locker.

  5. Proper Classroom Behaviour

    • Keep the classroom clean.
    • Keep the rows of desks straight and the chairs neatly placed.
    • Be attentive during lessons.
    • Take turns to answer questions or give comments.
    • Complete and hand over all classwork/homework on time.
    • Bring all books required for the day.
    • Leave the classroom only when a teacher gives permission.
    • Classwork/homework is to be done neatly and carefully.

  6. Movement during lessons

    • Seek permission from teachers in class before leaving class.
    • Display movement pass at all times when leaving class.
    • Display the movement pass issued only by teachers of the current period.
  7. Good toilet habits

    • Flush the toilet after use.
    • Throw litter into the waste-paper baskets.
    • Wash hands after a visit to the toilet.
    • Keep the washbasins and the toilets clean.
    • Keep the floor clean and dry.
    • Inform teachers of any leakage or damage.

  8. Proper Behaviour in the Tuckshop (during recess and after school)

    • To walk to the tuckshop in an orderly manner during recess. Class Monitors and ambassadors to ensure orderliness. 
    • Wash hands before eating.
    • Keep the floor dry.
    • Queue up for food in an orderly manner.
    • No running and shouting in the tuckshop.
    • Clear away all utensils (bowls, plates, etc) after eating and place them in their respective bins.
    • Eat neatly – avoid spilling any food or drink.
    • Keep the tuckshop tables and benches clean.
    • Throw litter into the dustbins.
    • Consume food and sweet drinks in the tuckshop and not outside of it. 
    • To remain within the designated areas during recess:
      • Canteen 
      • Quadrangle
      • Bouldering wall
      • Field 

  9. Proper Conduct in the Library

    • Place bags and books outside the library. Ask for permission if you need to bring in writing materials to make notes.
    • Maintain silence in the library.
    • Return books to the returning bin.
    • Take good care of the books.
    • Ensure that the books borrowed have the due dates stamped on them.
    • Report to the librarian if you find any pages missing, torn, defaces or in a bad condition.
    • Return library books on time.
    • Report the loss of any library books immediately.

  10. Proper Conduct in Special Rooms

    • Do not handle equipment unless you have been trained or given permission by the teacher to do so. All equipment are to be handled with care.
    • Report any breakage or damage.
    • Place everything back in place at the end of lesson.
    • Arrange the furniture neatly before leaving the room.
    • Avoid clogging up the sinks.
    • Clear away all unwanted things and keep the rooms clean.

  11. Attire & Appearance

    • All pupils of Edgefield Primary School have two official sets of school attire, namely the School Uniform and the PE Attire. The PE Attire is meant for pupils to wear during PE lessons and CCAs which are physically strenuous in nature.
    • An attire and appearance check will be conducted at the beginning of each term. Pupils will be informed prior to the attire and appearance check.
  12. Proper School Attire

    • Wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed.
    • Name Tags are to be sewn onto the uniform and PE attire, on the pocket above the school badge.
    • Boys must be clean shaven and no wearing of beard and moustache is allowed