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Visual Arts Club

About Art Club

Art Club aims to develop visual literate students who love art and are keen on learning the different skills of the art medium. The CCA sessions are on Tuesdays, 2.00 – 3.30pm. Activities are conducted in the art room.


CCA members get to experience creating art in different art forms during the year.  Members get the opportunity to go on learning journeys to art museums or art exhibitions.  These learning journeys expose them to a variety of different art movements or styles.  These allow them to develop a sense of better sense of aesthetics. 

Developing our students

During CCA sessions, members are empowered by not only learning the skills but also working together in teams to conceptualise the actualisation of the art work. 

Members also learn various fine arts skills such as painting, doodling and experimenting with different media.

Growing hearts and minds

Activities conducted during the CCA sessions are geared towards character building and inculcating the values of perseverance and determination to produce and complete quality art work.  

Problem solving tasks which require the students to determine the different art mediums allow them, by trial and error, to come up with a  creative solution.  These also instil positive life skills such as time management, responsibility and decision making.  

Empowering leaders and talents

Art Club seniors lead and help the juniors in the overall housekeeping of the materials and hand hold them in some activities. This provides the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and instil a sense of pride in them as they are respected by their fellow juniors.

CCA Teachers

Mrs Cindy Tan (Teacher-in-charge)

Ms Koh Seok Hui

Mrs Asri