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Student Development Team

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A Quality Edgefield Experience

The Student Development Team@Edgefield ensures a balanced and holistic school experience for all students, supporting their overall growth. Like tiny seedlings when they first enter the school, our students undergo a rich array of school experiences across their six years here with us and flourish into curious and confident young learners ready to brave their journey ahead alongside others.

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Progressive focus areas

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A glimpse of Edgefield experiences across levels

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Learning Journeys – New Possibilities to learning
Every learning journey is a learning experience that injects life and meaning to what is taught in the classroom.

PAL Experience – Engaging, joyful and development of soft and social skills

Arts Alive – Developing passions in music, dance and drama

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CCA Showcase – Exploring their interests, harnessing their strengths and talents

Trip to National Gallery – Raising awareness of our rich history and learning to appreciate legacies

Musical experience – Exploring creative forms of expressions and seeing books ‘come alive’

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P5 Joy of Learning Day – Instilling the love for learning through fun and creative activities

Overseas Trip – Connecting with students overseas, developing a sense of resilience and self-management skills while heightening their awareness of the cultures and practices in regional countries

P6 Grad Day – Celebrating accomplishments and cherishing fond memories before embarking on the next chapter in life

Supporting Student Well-Being

Students thrive best in an environment that is safe and where positive emotions flow. We do this by providing opportunities for all Edgefielders to experience Positive emotions, promote student Engagement, build meaningful Relationships, understand the Meaning behind all that they do and celebrate their Accomplishments (PERMA).


Peer Supporters

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I Am Possible is a school programme that aims to develop the holistic potential of selected students in our school. Here, students are taught life skills, self-management skills and school values through various exciting and engaging activities. 

We collaborate with SportsSg to run some of these activities. Previously, they conducted indoor futsal, coached by two former national players. This year, we have badminton clinics. Students also have fun learning about mindfulness and making their own terrariums. They may also discover their acting potential in the ‘Nature Through Drama’ skit organised by NParks.

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