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Principal's Message

The year 2021 sees a continuation of the school biennial (2020-2021) theme of “Learn. Grow. Serve.”. It is heartening that we learnt and grew so much more than expected in 2020 as we countered the Covid-19 pandemic. The coronavirus taught us the importance of self-discipline and the value of empathy as we better understood what others are feeling and act with compassion. Though 2021 remains a challenge with the pandemic still in our midst, we are focused on creating a school where all students enjoy learning, develop strong relationships and continue to grow socially, emotionally and academically.

These aspirations are driven through the school culture of Care – which is mutual respect and support by watching out/over each other and doing what is needed; Learning – i.e. continual and life-long ‘Learning, Growing and Serving’ in line with the biennial theme; and Excellence –signifying a journey as it involves the iterative processes of Experimenting, Exploring, Innovating and Collaborating with one another (i.e. to be the best we can be and pushing boundaries for the greater good).

2021 brings new hopes as the school celebrates its 20th anniversary. The theme for this celebration is “Appreciate the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Envision the Future” (ACE). This theme was chosen in appreciation of the school’s history and milestones as well as to celebrate our students’ achievements in demonstrating the school values through CCAs and academic performance. The plans for the 20th Anniversary Celebrations closely reflects the school’s vision of “Lives Empowered, Lives Touched” and comprises a collection of school events running from term 3 of 2021 to term 1 of 2022.

Edgefield Primary School is one of the first educational institutions set up in Punggol.  It began operations in 2002 and was officially opened in 2004. The 10th Anniversary Celebration was held in 2012. Following which, the school was recognised for its niche in Dancesport and Photography as Learning for Life Programmes (LLP) in 2014. The school underwent PERI Upgrading which was completed in 2016. In 2019, Environmental Sustainability was introduced as an Applied Learning Programme (ALP) for the school.

The last two decades have been an enriching experience for all students, thanks to our passionate and caring staff for their dedication and diligence as well as the School Advisory Committee and the Parent Support Group for their unwavering support and encouragement. The school will remain a beacon of Care, Learning and Excellence in the community, continually serving others through its vision. The 20th anniversary will be significant in getting the school fraternity to look back as it looks forward whilst building on the foundations of its past to forge ahead for future generations. As Sir Winston S. Churchill once said, “the longer you look back, the farther you can look forward.”

20th years efps.png

This logo symbolises the 20th Anniversary of Edgefield Primary School with an emphasis on the theme “Appreciate The Past. Celebrate the Present. Envision the Future.” in maroon, red and pink. The change from darker to brighter shades signifies the transition towards an even brighter future. The numeral ‘20’ in sunrise hues, in the background, represents the early years from which Edgefield grew to what it is today. Whilst in the foreground, the school mascot i.e. the dolphin rides on a wave of celebration and leaps forward towards greater achievements ahead!

Mr Michel Saw