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Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Mr Michel Saw, Principal EFPS

Greetings and wishing all a happy 2018.

We have much to be thankful for in year 2017 where our pupils continued to do us proud in their numerous achievements both in academics and in their CCAs. Above all we are heartened by their display of our core values through their behaviour. At EFPS, we believe that character comes first and having a positive attitude towards learning and life is the starting point for them to be future-ready.

At EFPS, a child has many opportunities to nurture his interests, passions and character. This year, our theme is “Dream Catchers with One Heart”. We want to catch the dreams of our pupils, support them to move closer to their dreams and eventually make their dreams come true. Our pupils must dream big, take actions to discover and dare to make it a reality. It is not about perfection but having a curious mind-set, the confidence to experiment and the discipline and resilience to make it a reality.

Our pupils will get to experience the Joy of Learning, practise entrepreneurial dare and be encouraged to grow a heart of gratitude in thanking all who have nurtured and supported them. We will nurture them to be good pupils that have the Edgefield Spirit, one that dares to dream, never gives up and has love for their school. Edgefielders can be counted on to do the right things and to touch lives. Edgefielders will grow up appreciating the importance of extending the Edgefield Spirit to that of the Singapore Spirit so that together we will build a world of hope.

The school will continue to foster an environment that is safe for experimentation, exploration and learning. I am pleased to announce the completion of our photography learning wall at level one, and, an interactive art history gallery, "Street CreARTe", at level four. We will continue to expand the learning spaces to enrich the school environment for our pupils to explore and learn.

I look forward to the continued support from the school community and our partners. Together we can bring out the best in every child.

Mr Michel Saw