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Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Curriculum

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) 2021
Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is integral to the holistic development of our students, leading to positive life outcomes. It provides an integrated approach to addressing our students’ development of values, character, social-emotional well-being and citizenship dispositions in a coherent and holistic way.


CCE 2021 aims to develop in our students:

a) Good Character: Have a sound moral compass and a strong sense of right and wrong, think critically and ethically, be discerning in judgment, take responsibility for choices and actions, be caring towards others and strive for excellence;

b) Resilience and Social-Emotional Well-Being: Have a balanced sense of self, form healthy relationships, be resilient when faced with challenges, find meaning in life, and have a sense of gratitude and appreciation;

c) Future Readiness: Have a sense of purpose in life, develop the dispositions of adaptability and lifelong learning so as to be able to navigate education and career pathways purposefully and take on the challenges of the future, including the world of work and life;

d) Active Citizenship: Develop a strong national identity based on a sense of belonging to the nation, a sense of hope in themselves and the future, an awareness of the reality of Singapore’s vulnerabilities and constraints, and the will to act on improving the lives of others, and building a future for our nation.