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Core Curriculum

The school adopts the STELLAR programme which stands for Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading. This is a flagship programme by MOE/CPDD and has been reviewed to support the enactment of the English Language Syllabus 2020 (ELS 2020). It focuses on strengthening the foundation in four language areas: grammar, oracy, writing and reading while placing a greater emphasis on the reading-writing connection and reading comprehension skills.

The goals of the ELS 2020 / STELLAR 2.0 curriculum are:


Like STELLAR 1.0, the STELLAR 2.0 programme continues to adopt research-based teaching strategies and age-appropriate materials to engage students in the learning of English. The key strategies include Shared Book Approach (SBA), Close and Critical Reading, Supported Reading, Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA), Guided Writing, Process Writing and Extensive Reading. A period a week has been ringfenced in the EL curriculum to cultivate the love of reading in the students.

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Learning Support Programme (LSP)

LSP is a specialised early intervention programme that aims to provide additional support in language and literacy skills in Primary 1 and 2. Students are identified through the Early Literacy Indicators, a group screening instrument developed by MOE, at the beginning of each year. Support in LSP is delivered through a daily withdrawal teaching programme conducted by specially trained teachers. Lessons are held daily for 30 minutes.

Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)

RRP is an intervention programme implemented at Primary 3 and 4. It aims to raise the reading competency of students who are not making sufficient progress in the development of literacy skills at the end of Primary 2 at the word and text levels and are not dyslexic. Its objectives are to enable students to fluently read and comprehend grade-level texts.

School-based Dyslexia Remediation (SDR) Programme

SDR programme is a specialised literacy remediation programme for primary 3 and 4 students with dyslexia. It aims to enable these students to become strategic decoders and spellers, flexible in the independent use of different strategies for reading, spelling and comprehension.