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New Media Literacies

Advancement in technology gives rise to more options for students to select varied modes, mediums, and platforms to express their ideas. At Edgefield, we want our students to have choices and understand how their choices impact their lives. They are considered digitally literate when they can curate digital content, connect and communicate digitally, and create digital multimodal products across a range of digital media platforms. Being digitally literate also requires them to take into consideration ethical and social practices embedded in learning and daily life.

Thus, the New Media Literacies programme aims to equip students with the abilities to curate, create and connect with others in the digital networked environment. Curate, Create and Connect are ways of interacting in the digital networked environment. Regular engagement in these interactions will enable students to develop an understanding of the social practices (tacit norms and skills) governing the digital networked environment.

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Cyber Wellness

Cyber Wellness (CW) focuses on the well-being of our students as they navigate cyberspace. Our curriculum aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to harness the power of ICT for positive purposes, maintain a positive presence in cyberspace and be safe and responsible users of ICT. Through CW education, students learn to be respectful, safe, and responsible users of technology and be a positive peer influence, advocating for the good of the community online.

The key messages of the CW curriculum are:


The Cyber Wellness curriculum is organised into 5 topics:|
  • Cyber use: Maintaining a healthy balance of online and offline activities
  • Cyber identity: Developing a healthy online identity; Appropriate online expression
  • Cyber relationships: Netiquette; Cyber bullying; Developing safe, respectful and meaningful online relationships
  • Cyber Citizenship: Understanding the cyber world; Handling online content and behaviour; Having a positive presence in the cyber community
  • Cyber Ethics: Creating and sharing of online content in a responsible manner; Respecting copyright


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