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Core Curriculum

Bilingual education is one of the cornerstone of Singapore’s education system. It has a positive effect on intellectual growth and enhances children’s mental development. In Edgefield, we design authentic learning activities to nurture proficient Mother Tongue language users who can communicate confidently and effectively and are rooted to their culture. We are also committed to promote greater use of ICT to better engage our children in learning Mother Tongue languages. 

EFPS offer Higher Mother Tongue Languages (HMTL) for P3 & P4 students with strong interest and aptitude in Mother Tongue languages to learn to as high a level as they can. This allow more students to deepen their knowledge and appreciation for these languages and their cultures from an early age.  HMTL curriculum expose students to ethnic literature, help them develop higher-order thinking skills, and learn grammar and syntax through creative activities and games. 

The offering of HMTL to P3 and P4 students will complement the existing offering of HMTL to Primary 5 (P5) and Primary 6 (P6) students. 

For students who need additional help with their Mother Tongues, Bridging and Mother Tongue Support Programme (MTSP) will be provided for P1- P2 students and P3- P4 respectively. These specialised early intervention programmes are conducted by trained school teachers, The programme focused on building stronger foundation in students' oracy and literacy skills. Classes involve hands-on activities demonstrating “the practical usefulness of the languages”. Interactive learning materials like picture cards help students learn more actively in small groups.