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Physical & Health Education (PHE)

About Us

Department's Mission

The department aims to develop in pupils a healthy mind and body approach to life through the love for sports and appreciation of the arts. Eventually, pupils can further develop their healthy habits through a lifelong participation in sports and/or the arts.  


The PHED aims to develop in each child desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle, characterised by a love for sports and the outdoors, knowledge of healthy eating habits and basic principle of fitness. Eventually, pupils can further develop their healthy habits through a lifelong participation in sports and the outdoors.


  • To provide meaningful well-rounded education with the purpose of encouraging life-long active living.
  • To provide necessary skills for the pupils to conduct personal exercise programme effectively.
  • To infuse thinking skills into the PE/HH programmes by adopting Games Concept Approach (GCA) teaching model.
  • To hone pupils' leadership skills and train capable pupil leaders to be equipment manager and warm-up captains.
  • To provide pupils with basic outdoor experience and education.
  • To assist pupils, especially those in the unacceptable weight range, in weight management
  • To impart necessary knowledge for pupils in their pursuit of healthy living.

Goal of the Physical & Health Education Department


The PHE Department adopts the school’s Curriculum Framework: Engaged Learning, Facilitative Teaching (ELFT) in alignment to the School’s Vision, Mission and School Values to guide us in our teaching repetoire. We also use the school’s Teaching and Learning process, E.D.G.E. (Experience, Develop, Grow, Empower), to guide us to achieve the desired learning outcomes in PHE. 

Experience: We design opportunities for students to apply, practice, and demonstrate knowledge and skills based on knowledge of learning modalities, style preferences, and intelligences.

Develop: We develop the pupils’ skills and knowledge through effective selection and use of a variety of methods to make knowledge accessible to all pupils and the effective integration of a variety of resources and learning experiences into the curriculum. These includes the infusion of IT to teach PHE- the use of iPad, online portal Learning Management System, School’s Website and interactive information table board, Horizontal Learning Space. Music is also used to teach Dance Movement and also Fundamental Movement.

Grow: As the pupils develop their skills and knowledge, we create platforms for the pupils to grow by consistently integrates the use of cognitive thinking skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, divergent thinking, inquiry, and decision-making into instruction

Empower: We then provide platforms for the pupils to empower them to collaborate in large group and a small group, and also provides independent work activities for self-directed learning in PHE.



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