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In the first term of 2017, the Malay Language (ML) Department has organized a number of activities for pupils across the levels and one for parents of the upper primary pupils.

          The most notable of these activities would be those conducted during the Mother Tongue Fortnight (MTF). Like the name suggests, MTF is held annually for 2 weeks. During these weeks, various activities are organized for pupils during curriculum.

          One good example would be the literary competitions for pupils of all levels. The competitions are age appropriate, such as acting and singing for the lower primary pupils and spontaneous response for the upper primary pupils.

During the MTF, activities during recesses for the different levels were also held to engage the pupils towards the Malay culture, such as traditional games and the arts. We would want to extend our appreciation to the parent volunteers who have provided their valuable assistance during the recess activities.

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Besides activities held specially for the MTF, there are other activities for our pupils too. The Speech & Drama workshop for primary 2 pupils were held for 6 weeks followed by a presentation by 2 classes of pupils in front of their parents. There will be the same workshop held in term 2 for primary 1 pupils.

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Besides activities for pupils, the ML Department also organized a workshop for parents at the end of term 1. The workshop aims to equip the parents with the necessary skills, similar to what their primary 5 and 6 children have when doing the Graphic Comprehension and Oral components during the examinations.

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Mother Tongue Fortnight

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