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The Science Department strives to nurture pupils’ interest by providing a quality Science education that involves wide exposure and inculcation of process skills as well as plenty of opportunities for practical and real-life experiences. In the learning of Science, we also want our pupils to have a heart for our environment.

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Our Approach

Using the Science Curriculum Framework as our guiding principle, we want to inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry in our pupils. Leveraging on the pupils’ curiosity and their innate nature to want to explore things around them, we hope that they will be equipped with (a) Knowledge, Understanding and application of Science, (b) Process skills and (c) with the right ethics and attitudes. With these knowledge, skills and attitudes, they will be able to apply them in their daily lives, society and the environment in order to improve their lives. The teacher plays the role of a facilitator to impart the excitement and value of Science to our pupils.

Inquiry-based Science Programmes

To cultivate pupils’ passion and interest in science learning and to develop a sense of inquiry in their quest for Science knowledge and in life, we provide hands-on experiences for pupils to explore, experience, experiment and investigate. Through all these, our pupils will then be able to develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes necessary not only for Science but also for life.

These are some of the programmes and enrichment classes/ lessons that we are embarking now at Edgefield.

  • P3: Gardening, Investigation on Mould
  • P4: Hydroponics, Investigation on Germination of Seeds and life cycle of some animals
  • P5: Science Investigative Project
  • P6: Alternative Learning on Adaptation
 (click on the various levels to find out more about the programmes)

Environmental Science in Edgefield

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that spans from the physical sciences to the social sciences. It encompasses everything from physics, chemistry, biology and geography to resource management and conservation.

Here at Edgefield Primary School, environmental science is brought into the daily lives of our pupils through the implementation of activities throughout the year. Awareness and knowledge of our environment is a benefit that all pupils stand to gain from our programmes.

More information on our green efforts can be found here.