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Environmental Science

About Environmental Science

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that spans from the physical sciences to the social sciences. It encompasses everything from physics, chemistry, biology and geography to resource management and conservation.

Here at Edgefield Primary School, environmental science is brought into the daily lives of our pupils through the implementation of activies throughout the year. Awareness and knowledge of our environment is a benefit that all pupils stand to gain from our programmes.

Our Mission and Vision

  • To increase awareness of our pupils and staff about the matters of the environment.
  • To inculcate 'green' values in our pupils and staff.
  • To actively practice the 3 Rs in our school community, namely, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

EduAct in Environment

Aims to develop an environmentally conscious mind set in our pupils, staff (teaching and non-teaching) and stakeholders.


  • focuses on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) and actively educates students about the importance of waste minimization and working towards zero wastage in the future
  • organizes green activities and programmes to provide opportunities for our students to collaborate with one another and contribute to their community
  • inculcates the values of compassion, discipline and respect for our environment

Some on-going activities include
–On-going plastic bottle collection for recycling 
–Interdisciplinary collaborations in PA and VA 
  •  VA : 3D modelling with recycled materials 
  •  PA : Environment themed music composition