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Primary 5 Science programmes

Investigative Science Project

After two years of exposure to Science concepts and experiment, it is time for the P5 pupils to do their own inquiry and research. In this project, pupils are given some questions to some real life situation. They will form their own groups and carry out their own experiments to find out their answers.

In this project, pupils are required to :

  1. State their hypothesis
  2. Identify the variable
  3. Gather their own equipments and materials
  4. Plan their procedures
  5. Carry their experiment
  6. Record and present their findings

Through this project, we want to equip our pupils with the 21st century competencies such as Information and Communication skills. While searching for relevant information, it is important that our pupils knows what questions to ask, how to sieve and extract information which is relevant and useful. We also want to instill the Critical and Inventive Thinking in our pupils. They have to assess the information, think critically and make sound decisions while doing their project.

In this way, we hope that our pupils will become:

A self-directed learner who questions, reflects, perseveres and takes responsibility for his/ her own learning.
An active contributor who is able to work effectively in teams, is innovative, exercises initiative, takes calculated risks and strives for excellence.

In the process of collaborating and working in teams for their project, pupils also learn from the one another. Hence, leading to a greater exposure to in-depth knowledge of the Scientific concepts behind their projects.