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Spring into Reading

“Give Your Child The Reading Lifeline” – Workshop for parents by Dr.Maha
The workshop held on 5th of March 2016 for parents created heightened awareness among parents on the importance of making reading a child’s pleasurable , life long activity. Dr. Maha Sripathy  besides sharing on the benefits of reading explained in detail how reading IS a lifetime investment. Parents were given 12 useful tips on modelling. (Be seen reading, Set aside time,Share reading, Buy/Borrow Books, Know their selection, Partake of Book-related activities, Visit the library, Talk about what they read,Let them Write, Selective TV watching, etc). The session in totality informed parents about how to go about selecting age appropriate books, how to read with their child, making reading a family activity and talking about books with their child.



Parents captivated by real life stories shared by Dr.Maha.

Tips on Modelling

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