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Parent Support Group (PSG)

About Us

On the 27th July 2021 Ministerial Statement in parliament, Minister Chan Chun Sing mentioned that MOE seeks to strengthen the partnership with Parent Support Groups in all schools. The school, parents, and ministries will work together to establish a caring and enabling society that gives greater attention to the well-being of our children. PSGs also play an important role to provide support to our parent community.

At Edgefield Primary School, PSG comprises a group of enthusiastic and dedicated parents who supports the school programs and activities to develop the students holistically. Over the years, PSG has grown from strength to strength and plays vital roles in our school's academic programs (e.g. Buddy Reading and Mother Tongue Fortnight), national events (e.g. National Day celebration and Racial Harmony Day), and festive celebrations. By working hand in hand with the school, PSG is involved in the lives of our children, thus helping them reach their potential.

Our Vision

To be a valued partner in achieving the school's vision of "Lives Empowered, Lives Touched" by working in close collaboration with the school.

Our Mission

To partner with the school in nurturing and optimizing the full potential of every pupil who endeavors to excel.

Our Activities

The school and PSG organized some activities throughout the year, some activities are ongoing, whilst other events are held annually. The support of all parents as partners in education is important in ensuring that our children are developed to their fullest potential. We encourage all parents to be actively involved in the school activities and everyone is welcome to be on board! 

Buddy Reading

Buddy Reading Programmes are ongoing reading programs where parent volunteers to be a "buddy" to read and guide selected groups of lower primary (P1 - P2) students.

There are weekly buddy reading programmes for the English Language, Mathematics, and the Mother Tongue languages (Chinese, Malay, and Tamil).

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Mother tongue languages fortnight is a celebration of Chinese, Malay, and Tamil languages.

The students are exposed to the culture and traditions of the Tamil, Malay and Chinese communities for two weeks where they learn about traditional foods,games and festivals.

Reading at the Library

During school recess, we bring P1 and P2 students out of the classroom to experience storytelling by our volunteers in the library.


Sports Carnival & Sports Day

Sports Day and Sports Carnival are annual sporting events organized for students from lower primary P1 - P3 (Sports Carnival) and upper primary P4 - P6 (Sports Day) students.

The events allow students to showcase both their team and individual efforts through sports.


PSG Parents Bonding Activities

PSG aims to be a close-knit community where parents help and support each other in their parenting journey. Bonding activities are organized to build and enhance camaraderie amongst parents, we believe happy parents will raise happy children.