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Parent Support Group (PSG)

The former minister for education, Mr Heng Swee Keat, repeatedly brought up the importance of the partnership between teachers and parents in the Ministry of Education's Work Plan Seminar in September, an important yearly meeting for educators in Singapore. 

For our children to thrive, it is essential for parents to be supportive partners in the school.

At Edgefield, a group of enthusiastic and dedicated parents support the school programmes and activities to develop the pupils holistically. By working hand in hand with the school, the PSG will be involved in the life of the children, thus helping them reach their potential.

Parent Support Group - Photo 01

Our Parent Support Group (PSG) committee was formed in 2001. With the following vision and mission.

  ~Our Vision~
To be a valued partner in achieving the school's vision of "Lives Empowered; Lives Touched" by working in close collaboration with the school.

~Our Mission~
To partner the school in nurturing and optimising the full potential of every pupil who endeavours to excel.  Parents, standing together with the school to equip each student with vital knowledge, useful skills, positive attitudes and upright values, to enable our children to stand tall in the global community.

 The first event we supported in 2017 is the Mother Tongue Fortnight.

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There are many more to come… We will also be having some workshops and talks for parents.

Upcoming events...

Talks on Cyber wellness Talk on managing anxiety and stress
Photography mastery

The support of all parents for the school as partners with the school is important in ensuring that our children are developed to their fullest potential. We encourage all parents to be actively involved in the school activities.   

Please click [here] to sign up to join our parent support group.