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PSLE Journey 2020

The Primary School Leaving Examination is the first of many milestones you will reach in your educational journey. 

This microsite has consolidated all pertinent information that you will need in the coming months.

The four tabs at the top of this page will link directly to the main sections listed below:

1) Important Dates

You will find the PSLE Examination dates, PSLE Marking dates and Date for Release of Results.

2) E-Open House

You will find a calendar with the dates of some schools having virtual open houses and links to each school’s webpage. 

3) Secondary 1 (S1) Posting Exercise

4) DSA 2020

Links to the school websites have been provided to schools that offer DSA. 

Do take some time to browse through the criteria set by different schools before you apply for DSA. 

This list is correct at the time of publication and will be updated when the school receives more information.

If a school that you are considering is not in the links provided please refer to MOE School Information Service to search for that school’s information and website.