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Student Care

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Welcome to Whee!Canopus

We are a premier school-based Student Care Centre (SCC) of choice that strives for excellence in character and education for your child.
Equipped with more than 10 years of experience, well-trained teachers and robust curriculum, we host a place where the brightest stars shine.

Our company, MERCU Learning Point has also established itself as one of the leading partners for Student Care services at primary schools. We believe in establishing a collaborative environment with parents and schools. A strong partnership is an important catalyst in the development of our children.

Our Vision

To become the Student Care Centre of choice that strives to develop students with good character and a love for learning.

Our Mission

  • To help students to flourish in a safe and loving environment.
  • To conduct fun and interactive activities where students enjoy learning and build up good character.
  • To provide a platform for students to shine and showcase their skills and strengths through experiential and outdoor learning.


Care: Display care towards others

Awareness: Aware of students’ needs

Noble: Think and act based on strong moral values

Ownership: Take pride in our work

Partnership: Establish a trusting relationship with all partners

Unity: Trust in teamwork

Spark: Instil fun in our programmes

Whee!Canopus Curriculum: Values-based Programme

Whee!Canopus facilitates the learning and holistic development of students through an array of values-based programmes that incorporates the school’s values.

Our students will have more to look forward to as we have lined up new and improved programmes to aid them towards becoming well-rounded individuals.
Another bonus not to be missed, are the ad-hoc enrichment programmes that are fully funded by Whee!Canopus, to ensure that every student is given the same opportunity to embrace new skills.


Daily Class Timetable (Term 4)