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Photography LLP

Objective of Photography LLP:

We envisage that Edgefield Primary will be the Photography Hub in providing opportunities for all our school community to be involved in Photography. The school will be buzzing with photography activities and showcases for all pupils, staff and stakeholders. Through Photography, the pupils will be able to realise our school’s vision of “Lives Empowered, Lives Touched”. 

“Lives Empowered”

As an Empowered Leader and Learner, we will empower them through Photography to take on leadership, individual and group roles and be more self-confident and motivated.

“Lives Touched”:

As we inculcate our school values of TIES, we aim to make a difference and touch their lives and in turn they themselves will touch others’. In photography, we hope that the students show:

Team spiritPlay an active role during group work. Provide encouragement and help peers. Work harmoniously with one another towards a common goal.
IntegrityTruthful during photography process. Responsible in own action whilst taking photographs.
 Empathy Looking at things from the perspective of another person. Capturing and narrating things from different perspective.
 Self-discipline Display the school values and uphold the school’s image.

Why Photography?

We want to equip all our pupils with the skills and knowledge of the art of photography. It is designed to empower the pupils to take charge and be in the forefront of capturing school events and other activities through meaningful pictures. Pupils will also have the opportunity to learn various technical aspects of handling a digital camera and its functions. Photography is a skill which will boosts the students’ self-esteem. It encourages planning and presentation skills and allows students to display their potential through creativity. With creativity, it provides students with the opportunity to be innovative. Photography helps teach fundamental decision-making skills. Students must make conscious decisions in regards to lighting, angles, subject matter and a host of other factors. It provides hands-on lessons in a subject with real-world applications and capitalizes on students’ curiosity, and sense of adventure when trying to capture their attention and really get them interested in digital photography.

Photography journalism is also introduced in Edgefield Primary to give students the platform to provide caption, explanation and even constructive criticism to the photo taken. Stories are integral to human culture and storytelling is timeless. In photographic practice, visual storytelling is often ‘photojournalism’. It is a way for a photographer to narrate a story with photographs. ​

The Photography Programme

The programme consists of 3 tiers -  Engage, Endeavour, Empower.


Engage – Curriculum Programme for All

All students go through 6 years of photography module in Visual Arts curriculum Using the EDGE Approach, the programme is designed to achieved the objectives of the LLP.


Do click on the link to view photographs taken by students during the curriculum programme:

Endeavour – CCA Programme

Students who chose photography as a CCA are given opportunities to further develop their skills and horn their character through various platforms and competitions.


Empower – Photography Platforms

Photojournalism platform within the school offers opportunities for students to display their photography skills. Students participate in various competitions horning their skills and character.


Photojournalism platforms are also available for parents and teachers. These photographs are also exhibited within the school.

Do click on the link to view photographs by our students and parents: