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As our students inherit the future, relevant “new” skills and mindsets, for instance multicultural literacy, problem solving skills collaborative skills and technological literacy become increasingly important. While many of these skills and mindsets are not necessarily new, their importance is further accentuated with changing social, economic, cultural and technological demands. In 2019, the school decided to develop a Maker space facility and curriculum to help pupils develop a broad and deep foundation, as well as 21st century competencies. According to The Tech Edvocate “Makerspaces are creative spaces located in communities, schools, and public and academic libraries.  These areas are designed to engage participants in hands-on activities that teach 21st century skills. The emphasis in makerspaces is placed upon educating students in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) subjects as well as digital and information literacy. The Makerspace facility currently boasts apparatus such as 3D and vinyl printers, electronic parts, soldering irons, robots, moisture and temperature sensors. In 2020, the school will put in place a variety of workshops such as drone and robot programming as well as coding lessons for our students.



Makerspace 1.png

Makerspace 2.png

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