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DanceSport LLP

Objective of Dancesport LLP:

In delivering holistic education with values inculcation and development of 21st century competencies, the dancesport learning for life programme is designed with the following objectives:

  • Inculcate values of respect, team spirit and self-discipline
  • Instill social graciousness
  • Develop self-confidence, determination, motivation and perseverance
  • Develop leadership capacity through collaboration

What is Dancesport?

Dancesport denotes competitive ballroom dancing, both a demanding sport and a performing art. Its characteristics consist of physical strength, agility, co-ordination, stamina, high level of fitness, discipline, teamwork, grace, style and musical interpretation.

Dancesport is a team sport by nature and features total gender parity. The features of Dancesport allow us to instill values in our students. Through the process, they learn to work with their partners acquiring team spirit and be respectful of the opposite gender. Students also develop discipline and perseverance through perfecting the dance steps and honing the right character and attitude through the programme.

The Dancesport Programme

The programme consists of 3 tiers - Engage, Endeavour, Empower.


Engage – Curriculum Programme for All

All students go through 6 years of dancesport module in Performing Arts curriculum leading to the graduation ball at the end of
Primary 6. Using the EDGE Approach, the programme is designed to achieved the objectives of the LLP.


Endeavour – Enrichment Programme for Selected Students

Students who have the aptitude are given the opportunities to further their interest in a one-year dancesport course.


Empower – CCA Programme

Students who have gone through the enrichment programme can then select to join Dancesport as their CCA.