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CCE Curriculum

A glimpse of the exciting programmes planned for our students

Nomination for the Edusave Character Award (ECHA)

Our Character Programmes –

Values taught the fun way

Pupils in Edgefield go through a series of workshops in character building. They learn about what character is as well as its importance. The emphasis is on why “Character matters”. Pupils are constantly reminded about the meaning of success. Pupils realize that their ability may get them to the top, but it is their CHARACTER that keeps them there. At the workshops, pupils are taught to exercise self–control. Values such as respect, integrity, courage, compassion etc are focused upon.

Reinforcement of values during Assembly Talks

A value is focused on every month so that pupils will be able to internalize the values. Students are sensitized to issues through role playing and drama.  Classes perform skits on school values to drive home the message that Character counts.

Leadership Training

Wow! Wow!
Leave Your Child, Take Home A Leader!

In Edgefield, we believe in the importance of developing leadership. Pupils are made to realize that they have to use leadership in their life.e.g. leading their class as a class monitor, leading their brothers and sisters at home, leading their family when they are grown up, leading their colleague when they start working, etc. Besides being prefects, other leadership positions such as class ambassadors, class chairman, English activists, health ambassador, PE captains, monitors etc are created. We conduct conflict management courses for our prefects and leadership training courses for our other student leaders. We want to mould pupils who are highly confident and articulate.

Our Character Heroes in Action

Edgefielders know that it is not enough to know the good, but love the good and do the good.

In Edgefield, we believe in providing opportunities to apply character values in life.  Service Learning and doing the iValues card are some of the ways. 

Values Education

A Values Education package has been drafted for the whole school community.  It comprises of values-based learning across different disciplines.  It is basically a whole school approach towards teaching values.  It is specifically designed by teachers and customised for our pupils.


Lifeskills lessons were crafted to equip pupils to be more resilient in their lives.  Lessons such as personal grooming, etiquette, time management, and money management, etc are being taught by School Family Education Professionals.