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Infocomm Club

About Infocomm Club

Infocomm club aimed to nuture pupil’s ICT curiosity through various activities and participation in national-wide competition which incorporates social, family and school values.

The CCA sessions are on Tuesdayss, 2.00 – 3.30pm at Computer Lab 1.


CCA members will be exposed to SCRATCH.  This is an online programming platform.

Developing our students

During CCA sessions, members will learn to program their own interactive stories, games, and animations.  Thy can also share their creations with others in the online community.  Scratch helps CCA members to learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.  These are essential skills for life in the 21st century.

Growing hearts and minds

Activities conducted during the CCA sessions are geared towards character building and inculcating the values of team spirit, integrity and empathy.

The ability to code computer programs is an important part of literacy in today’s society. When people learn to code in Scratch, they learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas. CCA members work collaboratively as a team to imagine and create these ideas to become reality online


CCA members also work closely with the Cyberwellness and AVA team to gain more experience and insights with the digital world.

Empowering leaders and talents


Our CCA leaders are trained to lead the juniors to use the program smoothly.  They are also empowered to  help in the administrative organization of the CCA to ensure that the session is able to run smoothly every week.

CCA Teachers

Mdm Siti Hajr Kamaruddin (Teacher-in-charge)

Mr Asmadi Hassan

Mdm Fu Dong

Mr Patrick Shiu