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About Fencing

This program aims to allow students to develop basic skills in the Olympic sport of Fencing in a safe, fun and engaging manner. Through games and the use of safe training aids, students will pick up the basic footwork, attacking and defending skills which are utilized in Fencing.

The CCA sessions are on Tuesdays 1400 to 1530. Activities are conducted in the hall within the school.


Throughout the years in their CCA, the members will

- Gain knowledge of the history of fencing
- Learn real and essential fencing skills
- Do actual fencing with suits, scoring equipment, and weapons
- Learn how to handle weapons and play the sport safely
- Improve hand-eye and movement coordination for sports
- Appreciate and understand fencing when seeing it live or on TV
- Learn important values such as Resilience, Respect and Sportsmanship

Developing our students

During CCA sessions, members acquire physical, technical, tactical and mental skills of fencing.  They also get to spar with each other in a controlled and safe environment.

Through the sparring sessions where sportsmanship is valued and practised in many forms such as the salute and the shaking of hands after the bouts,  Members get to understand and practice
Resilience, Respect and Sportsmanship.

Selected members will also get to represent the school in fencing competitions held by Fencing Singapore, clubs and other schools.

Growing hearts and minds

Besides physical skills, Fencers will be challenged in the mental aspects of Fencing.   The teaching methodology will illustrate the importance of resilience and analytical thinking—life-skills which will allow students to gain self-confidence and become “Winners in Life”.

Empowering leaders and talents

Older primary students are paired up also with lower primary students for mentorship and are empowered to lead their younger members in some activities. This provides the opportunity for them to mentor and grow their leadership skills.

CCA Teachers

Mdm Zahira Begum Abdul Rahman

Mdm Louisa Koh Kim Lian