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Rope Skipping

About ODAC

Rope Skipping aimed to develop students’ motor and language skills as they learn how skip. The CCA sessions are on Tuesday (For all pupils) and Friday (School Team) from 2.00p.m. – 4.00p.m. Activities are conducted in the school hall.


CCA members will learn speed and creative skills:

1.       Speed:

a)       Individual Speed (Running Steps)

b)      Double / Triple Under /

c)       Double Dutch

2.       Creative Skills (Level 1 to 3):

a)       Basic Footwork and Wraps

b)      Crosses

c)       Multiples

d)      Gymnastics

e)      Special Positions 

Members will have the opportunities to participate in the National Rope Skipping Competition (Junior and Senior Divisions).

There will be two categories in the competitions, speed and creative. There are individual, pair and team events in both categories.

Developing our students

During CCA sessions, members begin to learn the basic footwork and progress to learn the level one rope skipping skills. The members will advance to level two and level 3 skills once they are more familiar and experience in their level one skills.

Growing hearts and minds

Rope Skipping CCA focuses on character building and inculcating the values of team spirit, integrity and empathy. The CCA develops the pupils’ leadership skills. 

The CCA leaders in Rope Skipping CCA are good role models for the juniors. They would mentor and guide the juniors in the CCA, setting a good examples for the junior to follow. 

The members are inspired to works towards a shared vision The members motivate each other through sharing and listening to work towards a common goal of achieving awards in the competitions. They learn to persevere as they challenge the process of their own ability to learn a certain level of rope skipping skill. 

Empowering leaders and talents

Rope skipping members enables others to act and encourage the hearts of their team members. The members will cheer each other on during competitions, teach each other to learn a new skill and motivate each other through words of encouragement. The members support each other and grow with each other in the CCA. 

CCA Teachers

Mrs Sharin Tan

Mrs Ong Peishan

Mdm Fizah